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The Journey has been through so much since we started in a little storefront on Pacific Avenue as The Friendly Tabernacle in 1945.  We have been in three buildings, changed our name twice, and in 2020, the Journey celebrated 75 years as a fellowship!


Our heart is to be a resource to our community, and to see our community be transformed by people who have encountered a loving God.  In everything we do, we want to add quality to people's lives.  

Our Vision: We are building a family of Holy Spirit empowered believers devoted to loving God by loving people; carrying His love and power to resonate through the earth and through generations.

Our Mission:

Encountering God.  

Empowering People.

Enriching Community.


We believe that after people encounter a loving God, they are never the same.  We want see people empowered, growing in relationship with the God who created us and serving each other, our communities, and the Lord with the gifts He has placed inside each of us.  


We have been having so much fun together seeing people healed, families strengthened, marriages healed and strengthened, and leaders developed and launched into ministry all over the world.  We rejoice together in our victories, mourn together in pain and loss, and are learning to walk together with God in every season.  


We are a church who believes the word of God. 

We are a church who loves to pray.

We are a church who believes the Holy Spirit given to dwell inside us to empower us to do God's work.

We believe God is in a good mood, He wants us in his family, and has good plans for each of us!

It is our desire to reach people who have given up hope, who are hurting, who need a miracle, who are confused and simply want something real. We are a growing church family that is moving forward in our relationships, our growth in God, experiencing his power and love, and reaching others with the transforming power of the love of God.


Come and check us out! We want our visitors to feel welcome!

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