Who We Are

Our church’s tapestry has changed dramatically from what it was a few years ago. From our inception in 1945 until just a few years ago the two largest employers in the county were located within a mile of our church. They were very prosperous lumber mills but due to a number of factors they are no longer in business and many of our families were forced to leave the area. Eventually, this forced us to make other changes and adaptations.

In early 2010, our pastor of ten years felt it was time for him to move on and resigned. This change has brought a new direction and vision. One of the things we have done is to view ourselves more like a “church plant” than as an established church. This change has caused us to focus more on where we are going as a church family as opposed to looking at what once was. As a result, we are seeing people empowered for ministry, personal growth, breakthroughs, healings, and more of his presence among us.

Recently, we have had numerous prophetic words given by people outside our Body that spoke into situations that the giver had no idea of. These words confirmed the rightness of many of the difficult decisions we have made this year as well as confirmed the direction we are going.

It is our desire to reach people who have given up hope, who are hurting, who need a miracle, who are confused and simply want something real. We are a church family that is moving forward in our relationships, our growth in God, experiencing his power and love, and reaching our friends with the transforming power of the love of God.

In early 2013 we changed our name to "The Journey".  The name change was a natural outcome of the many changes that have taken place in the last couple of years.  


Come and check us out! We are so excited for visitors!