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The Sunday Service

The purpose of this meeting is to have an environment where each person can encounter the love and presence of God. 
Experiencing God in this way is life changing!   Additionally, it is our hope that each person feels valued by those that are present.
Finally, we want to use this time to prepare people to take the Kingdom into the world and have fun doing it!

Children's Church

This is led by Brian Campbell.  He utilizes a variety of teaching tools including puppets, visual, music and teaching.  Kids absolutely love it and can't wait for it to begin!  They are dismissed from the main service soon after worship.

Youth and Children Night

They meet at 5:30 Friday nights at the Church in the Fireside room.  Brian Campbell leads it along with a host of volunteers.  

Home Group/Leadership Training

This is the Apex of our church. This is where people connect relationally, share their stories, their struggles, their victories and relationally connect at a deep level. From these relationships much ministry takes place, and as a consequence we see many miracles and changed lives.


Pre-Service Prayer

This is the Firestarter of the Sunday morning service. We invite the Holy Spirit to come and do what He wants for that day. We pray for those present that they be saturated with the Holy Spirit and take it into, and “leak” all over the Sunday meeting. At times we are so overwhelmed by His presence that we struggle to walk out of the room. It can be a lot of fun!

Counseling & Heart Ministry-

Although there are many fine programs and models that have helped many people, I have yet to witness anything that comes close to being as effective as “Heart Ministry.”  This ministry is what set Beth and I free from bondages and believed lies that we struggled with for years. Over the years I have met with, ministered with, and received ministry from four people who I consider to be head and shoulders above most. I say this because the fruit of their ministry proves it. For years, it has been a dream of mine to have one of these people in our church ministering to people. One of them, Sallye Cunningham, is here and is now ministering to people. We are honored to have her!

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